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About Us

We know you're busy...

CostKings.com has been a staple in the New York City area for years! We have made it easy for New Yorkers with their ever-busy schedules to shop anytime and anywhere for top selling brands with free shipping on every item site wide forever!!! 

Reasons to love us:

  • Top Brands Selection

    We want to treat you like you're human.  We carry over 2000 auto, grocery, health & beauty and household items.  These are trusted products from the brands you know and love.  We keep our ears to the streets and know what the people want and need.  Our inventory is a no-nonsense selection of everyday items at the best possible prices.  Soaps, shampoos, enhancement vitamins, deodorants, detergents and the list goes on and on.  No seriously, compare us to anyone else, we got this one in the bag.

  • Speed & Service

    Who doesn't love free shipping? We won't ever include shipping costs in your final bill, EVER!!!  Orders placed before 1 PM that day will get same day free shipping.  Order 1 piece or 1 case, we got you covered!!! Did we mention free shipping??? Call us or e-mail us anytime if you ever have any questions or concerns about anything, we will take care of it!!! Shockingly, we care about our customers here!!!

  • Free Returns

    Woah, woah, not happy with your product? Let us know, we'll take your unopened and unused products back without a hassle within 7 days.   

History (How it all went down)

It all started in Brooklyn.  Sitting on our stoop on a fine evening, my cousin and I watched neighbors walk by one by one, grocery bags in hand, looking, well... miserable.  Wake up, work and then the stress of having to shop for your home and your family - we thought wow, that has to be a stress you don't have to deal with.  We brainstormed for weeks, collecting information on suppliers and wholesalers and a way to get into people's homes (no, not like that).  With a system in place and an inventory with solid demand set up in our tiny apartments, we closed our eyes and took a huge dive.  We aren't Amazon.com, Costco or any other large retailer, but a respectable outfit that has brought a lot of comfort and ease to residents of the New York City area.  Customers in and around New York City know and love what we do for them, delivering merchandise free of charge regardless of their order.  We know how hard it is and we are listening.  Since 1997, we still have our original customer base and then some. 

We want to always keep at attention and know what hardworking Americans want and need.  No one needs to pay an arm and a leg for everyday essentials.  Compare us to anyone else, seriously!!!

Products are almost all sold in multiple packs.  We decided that this was the most logical step for both ourselves and our customers.  We understood the need and kept in mind that these are essential items that our customer's can purchase, store and use anytime thereafter.  

Let's grow together guys!!!